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2019 taught me so many things. From lessons about friendship, to business, and just life in general, I learned so much this past year, and I’m thankful for all of it. Even the “not so fun” lessons. So today I’m sharing some of those things that I’ve learned, in case they can help anyone else. So here we go. In 2019 I learned….

  • To be more understanding. It’s so easy to look at a situation and judge it immediately, but you have no idea what someone may be going through. That lady who was rude to you at the grocery store, maybe she just lost a family member. That person who jumped into the emergency lane in traffic to pass everyone else in rush hour, maybe they just got a call that someone they love needs to go to the hospital so they’re rushing over (been there). You just don’t know. 
  • How to load film! Still working on learning how to actually shoot film, but it’s a start!
  • To stop chasing people. Any friendship that you have to constantly work for is not worth it. People make time for the ones they want to make time for. If they don’t want to freely offer their time, don’t fight for it.
  • Puppies and Christmas trees do not mix. I gave up on hoping my tree skirt would stay straightened 
  • It is good to get out of your comfort zone. If I hadn’t made myself step way out of my comfort zone many times this year, I wouldn’t have met half of the amazing people that I now consider great friends.
  • I would miss Florida if I ever left. I have complained many times about living in Florida, specifically in Jacksonville, but the more I travel, the more I realize there really is nothing like home.
  • That it is really important to appreciate the people who are there for you. Those people that you know you could call if you ever needed anything and they’d drop it all to come help you… Yeah those people are rare. Love them, and let them know it.
  • Kindness goes so much farther than putting a smile on your face when you pass someone on the sidewalk. True kindness means letting people know you’re there for them, and proving it. It means taking someone a meal when they’re walking through a valley. It means sending them a simple text to let them know you’re praying for them. It means being GENUINE and letting them know that they have someone in their corner.
  • I need to be more patient. I am a VERY quick paced person, and don’t like sitting around and waiting for pretty much anything. Haha. I have learned that not everyone lives life at the pace that I do, and I need to be okay with that
  • I can make myself face some big fears. I have been scared of my head being under water for a very long time, due to an experience when I was younger, and this year I conquered that fear. When we went canyoning in Switzerland, I jumped from a cliff almost 40 ft high into rushing water, and even though I freaked out at the bottom, I did it. I am still proud of myself for making that jump.
  • I can’t do all the things. It’s so easy to try and do it ALL by myself when it comes to my business, life, etc. I’ve learned to give myself grace, and let go of the reigns a bit with certain things. It’s okay to hire help when I need it in my business, because no successful business can run single-handedly without something suffering.
  • There are so many better ways to spend my time than watching TV. I honestly don’t turn on the TV anymore when I’m alone, unless I am just super exhausted and need to clear my mind. These days I enjoy turning on a podcast or reading a book and soaking up all the knowledge I can.
  • Iphones are way better than Android. I went over to the dark side in April, and can’t believe I’ve waited this long to get an Iphone! Team Iphone for the win!
  • Exercising can actually be a great stress reliever. One of my favorite things to do when I start feeling overwhelmed is to just go to the gym, hop on the treadmill, and run off some frustrations. 
  • Traveling with just a carry on is a life saver. I have packed in only a carry on for almost every trip we’ve taken this year (including europe!) and I am so glad I did. It has saved us tons of time and money! It definitely requires some planning, but I love how convenient it is to just walk off a plane without waiting at baggage claim.
  • I am a type 7. This means that I crave new experiences, live life at a very fast pace, and love being around people/making new friends. This also means that when I am hurt by a friend, it hurts A LOT. I care very deeply about my friends’ opinions of me, and that can be a difficult trait to manage. 
  • Once you have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish, along with measurable goals, it is so much easier to achieve the steps you need to achieve to reach your end goal. 
  • I learned how it feels to lose someone you’re close to. It’s been almost a year since I lost my great grandfather, and not a day goes by that I don’t think about him and wish I could hear his voice one more time.
  • Paris is a magnetic city. I didn’t think I would fall in love with it like many people do, but I was wrong. I find myself thinking about that trip often, and dreaming of going back.

So there you have it. 19 lessons I’ve learned in 2019. I would love to hear some of the things you learned last year too! Feel free to share in the comments! <3

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