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In 2020, weddings and parties were put on hold. In 2021, our couples made it count. In 7 years as a wedding photographer, I have never seen people have as much fun at receptions as we did this year. So this week I wanted to do a round-up of our top moments of 2021 – party edition. I hope scrolling through this collection brings a smile to your face and makes you that much more excited for your own special day! Alright, let’s get to the good stuff. 

#1) This Groomsmen Dance-Off

It was so hard to pick a “top” moment, but these two guys really took things to the next level for their dance-off at Tatjana and Matt’s wedding. This was easily one of the most fun reception moments of my whole career. Congratulations you two, you don’t get a prize or anything but you can pat yourselves on the back for being my favorite reception moment of 2021 ?

Groomsmen dance off | Wedding Reception Party Moments of 2021 | Nikki Golden Photography

#2) Not a dry eye in the house

Michelle and Tommy’s wedding at the River House in St Augustine was filled with heart touching moments, but their first dance had to take the cake. After their dance, I remember the vendors looking at each other and asking “Am I the only one who was crying just now?” Haha! These two are the absolute sweetest, and their joy just radiated on this day.

An emotional first dance for the bride and groom | Wedding Reception Party Moments of 2021 | Nikki Golden Photography

#3) A Private dance on a cloud 

It doesn’t get much better than dancing on a cloud…. Unless it’s a private dance at the end of the night. What a perfect way to end ANY wedding reception <3 And The White Room isn’t a bad backdrop, either.

Bride and groom first dance at wedding reception, with dry ice at The White Room, St Augustine | Nikki Golden Photography | St Augustine Wedding Photographer

#4) When this groom got lifted in a chair

Yep, Tamara and Jeremy’s wedding again, haha! This was another day filled with amazing moments, and this one was SO fun! I’m sure there was a little bit of terror behind Jeremy’s smile in this moment, but it sure did make a great photo. Haha!

Groom being lifted on a chair at a wedding reception | Nikki Golden Photography

#5)When the Bride’s dad had a guitar solo….

And the coolest dad ever award goes to… Allison’s dad in this exact moment. I don’t know if he planned on playing “don’t stop believing” at Allison’s reception, or if it was a last minute idea by himself and the band, but either way, we’ll never forget what a great moment this was.

Brides Father plays a guitar at a wedding reception | Nikki Golden Photography | Wedding Photographer

#6) A picture perfect choreographed dance

Elizabeth and Nathan pulled out all the stops for their first dance. These two got one of the stars from “dancing with the stars” to choreograph a dance for them, and they nailed every single move, lifts and all. After their dance ended, Nathan looked at his bride with a surprised face and said “Oh my gosh we did it!” Haha! Kudos to them, we would have never pulled off something like this ?

Bride and groom first dance | Wedding Reception Party Moments of 2021 | Nikki Golden Photography

#7) This sweet moment between a mom, her son and her new daughter in law

At the end of Anthony’s dance with his mom, she motioned for his new bride to come join them, and they all had a special moment on the dance floor. How’s that for a heart-warming moment?!

A tender moment with bride and groom with mother in law at wedding reception | Nikki Golden Photography

#8) When the bride takes the mic…

Cailyn was not afraid to show off her karaoke skills on her big day. We love when our couples let loose and have a blast at their reception!

Bride singing with a mic at wedding  reception | Nikki Golden Photography

#9) A surprise dance for the bride

This group of bridesmaids learned an entire choreographed dance for the bride, Rebecca, and pulled it off flawlessly. Honestly I was extremely impressed, because there’s no way I would have remembered all the moves they pulled off. I’m assuming there were many secretive “meet-ups” planned by this crew to make this happen.

Bridesmaids performing a dance for the bride and groom at wedding reception | Nikki Golden Photography

#10) Gymnastics on the dance floor

Last but not least, this little one came to party for Michelle and Tommy’s wedding day. She was showing off all kinds of gymnastic moves in the middle of the dance-floor. 

Bridesmaid performing gymnastics moves in the center of the dance floor at wedding reception | Nikki Golden Photography

So there you have it, our 10 favorite reception moments of the year! It was a year full of partying and making memories, and we hope this post made you smile. If your big day is coming up, share this post with your friends and family to let them know what kind of energy they need to bring if they want to make it on next year’s list! 😉

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