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If you’re recently engaged and looking to have your engagement photos taken in the nation’s oldest city, you may be asking yourself “Where should I have my photos taken?” It’s no secret that St Augustine is packed full of beautiful locations anywhere you turn, so narrowing down your favorite spots may be a bit of a chore. With nearly 9 years of experience as a St Augustine Wedding Photographer, we’ve had plenty of time to narrow down our favorite spots, and learned some tips about avoiding the crowds too! I’ve put together a list of our favorite spots to photograph engagement sessions in St Augustine, to hopefully make this process a little easier for you. Below you will find 5 of our favorite spots in St Augustine. Please keep in mind that some of these spots do require a permit to shoot, so chat with your photographer about that before deciding on a location.

If you are still looking for a photographer who knows St Augustine like the back of their hand, head on over to our contact page and send us a message! We’d love to meet you and help you capture some amazing memories from this super exciting time in your relationship! 

Now, on to the good stuff! 

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Best Locations for Your Engagement Photos in St Augustine

Castillo De San Marcos

The first location we love to shoot at in St Augustine is the Castillo De San Marcos. This location is so iconic to St Augustine, sits right on the water, and offers a few different view points to really add some variety to your engagement photos. There is a small parking lot at this location, but it can fill up quick depending on when you plan to visit. If you’re hoping to park here, arrive early!

The Lightner Museum 

If you’ve researched engagement or wedding photos in St Augustine, you’ve most likely seen photos of the hallway on the side of the Lightner Museum. While we do love this location, it has become so popular that they have started requiring a permit to shoot here (and it’s not cheap) so if you have your heart set on this location, be ready to fork out a nice fee to get that perfect shot.

Engagement session at The Lightner Museum, St Augustine | Nikki Golden Photography | St Augustine Wedding Photographer

Magnolia Avenue

Another favorite location (especially for non-locals!) is Magnolia Avenue. This beautiful street is right beside the fountain of youth. We love this spot and absolutely love how well it photographs, but it is a good walk from the main downtown area, so you definitely need to add in extra time to drive/find parking if you’re hoping to hit up some other spots downtown before sunset.

Engagement photo session at Magnolia Avenue, St Augustine | Nikki Golden Photography | St Augustine Wedding Photographer

Flagler College

Flagler College is easily one of the most beautiful buildings in St Augustine. They also have a beautiful courtyard with a fountain and stairs that looks GREAT in photos. While I have never been asked for a permit when shooting at Flagler College, I do believe that they are starting to get a bit more strict on their photography policy. I have reached out to the college directly to gain some insight about their photography policy, and will update this post as I get more information!

Engagement photo session at Flagler College, St Augustine | Nikki Golden Photography | St Augustine Wedding Photographer

The Bridge of Lions

Another iconic spot in St Augustine, the Bridge of Lions. This is probably my personal favorite location on the whole list. I don’t know why, I just absolutely love this spot! It can be a bit tricky to get the perfect photo here without getting hit by a car, haha! But if you go at the right time, and your photographer has experience shooting here, I can guarantee you’ll get some stunning photos!

Engagement photo session at The Bridge of Lions, St Augustine | Nikki Golden Photography | St Augustine Wedding Photographer

So there you have it, our top 5 engagement photo locations in historic St Augustine! If you have any questions about planning your St Augustine photos, or want some special insight about the best places to park, the best time to take your photos, or the best places to grab a bite in St Augustine, feel free to reach out anytime! We love this city and we’re more than happy to help you plan the perfect session here! 

If you’re looking for outfit ideas for your engagement or family photos, we’ve compiled some of our favorite choices for you to gain some inspiration as well! Happy planning!

St Augustine Engagement Session | Nikki Golden Photography | St Augustine Wedding Photographer


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