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When you hire Nikki for your wedding day, all packages are full service. For this reason, all of Nikki's packages start at 10 hours. We want couples to be able to relax knowing that we have all the time we need to get your perfect shots. We want to make sure you avoid the feeling of being rushed and worried about whether or not we have the time we need for photos.
Additionally, every Nikki Golden couple will receive a wedding album in their package. We believe your memories deserve to be passed down and cherished in the way that only an album can provide.  

The average couple will invest around $4000 to hire Nikki, or $3000 to hire another member of the Nikki Golden team. We know that photography is a big investment for couples, and we guarantee you we will provide you with an experience worth every penny.


picture it now. You're telling your grandchildren about your wedding day, and you pull out your album and start flipping through, and remembering all the details, your hair, your dress, the moment your groom first saw you. this is why wedding photography is such an important investment. you're investing in lifelong memories 

 I've become known for the way I shoot details and how particular I am about them. I spend over an hour on your wedding day focusing on your rings, shoes, jewelry, etc. and bring a variety of items to style your details in a beautiful way that reflects the style of your wedding. If you love detail shots, I'm your girl!

you love details

My husband enjoys puns. If your soon to be hubby enjoys puns, they WILL get along. End of story. 😂 We also frequently quote movies and tv shows, and I like to embarrass Chris by showing off my non-existent dance moves when certain songs come on at weddings. 💃 

You love to laugh 

Over the years we have learned that we work best for a bride who wants to be laid back on her wedding day and trust that we've got everything under control. While we love to see your inspiration, rather than going off a Pinterest board of poses, we pose you in a way that is authentic to you as a couple, your story, and your wedding. With us, you can trust that your gallery will reflect you and your unique moments.

yOU want to have a stress free photography experience

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