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Okay everyone, grab the tissues and let us tell you about Anthony and Sarah’s beautiful St Augustine wedding.This couple was such a good reminder of why we love what we do. Anthony and Sarah are one of the couples that remind us what it’s like to truly love someone for better or for worse, in sickness and in health. These two have been an absolute joy since the day we met them for their first consultation.

Before we share all the details about their day, we want to tell you about them as a couple. Just a few years ago, Anthony was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. As many would expect, getting this type of diagnosis in your late 30s was not something that was easy to hear. Anthony said that he felt like his life had just ended.

During this time, Anthony had a wonderful support system, but felt like he needed something more. Little did he know, God was about to place the perfect woman in his path. One evening when Sarah was scrolling through Bumble, she noticed someone who was from New York like she was. Sarah sent Anthony a message “What part of New York are you from?” and the rest is history.

Anthony informed Sarah of his diagnosis right after they began talking, and Sarah stood by his side the entire time. Sarah says that during this time, they would spend time together during his chemo treatments just talking, napping, and eating italian food together. This time allowed them the opportunity to get to know each other on a much deeper level.

In Sarah’s words, “I knew from the day we met that he would be the one, but after all that time and watching him hike up 1062 stairs the day after chemo, I knew this man would fight until the end for something he loves.”

Here’s what Anthony had to say about his new bride. “When Sarah said yes I was the happiest man alive. I knew this was right. She has been my rock from the beginning. Sarah has a heart that you don’t find anymore”

Now that you know how amazing this couple is, we invite you to scroll on, play this sweet song,  and relive their perfect St Augustine Wedding with us.


When we showed up on the wedding day, Anthony immediately greeted us downstairs and introduced me to all of his groomsmen, making sure we felt welcomed. During their whole day we could tell that there was so much love between them and their family. Their dances with their parents definitely pulled on our heartstrings, and we think you’ll feel the same.



We started off Anthony and Sarah’s day at the Tringali Barn in St Augustine. This location has one of my favorite bridal suites in the area. So spacious, great natural light, and beautiful light tones for photography! When Sarah handed me her invitation suite by Ivory Isle Designs, I was in love! The beautiful champagne touches, the black script, and the way that the invitations shimmered in the light definitely set the tone for this couple’s elegant wedding at the Cathedral.


After everyone was dressed and ready, it was off to the church on two separate party busses. As you can see, Anthony got a little emotional watching his beautiful bride walk down the aisle. This is one of the reasons I said to grab the tissues. Just look at how sweet his reaction was to watching Sarah walk toward him!!


No St Augustine Wedding is complete without some portraits at the Bridge of Lions, am I right?!


After their ceremony, we wrapped up their photos and had some extra time, so we decided to walk down St George Street. If you’ve never been to St Augustine, St George Street is where pretty much everything happens. The time square of St. Augustine, if you will. During our walk down the street, we met a golden retriever named Obi Wan Kenobi, the sweetest little Girl Scout gifted Anthony and Sarah with a box of cookies, and the newlyweds made a pitstop by pizzalley’s for some of Anthony’s favorite food!


Sarah’s mother in law took a moment to include her son’s bride in their special dance. We love everything about this moment. We didn’t even notice Anthony giving his bride a sweet forehead kiss until looking back on the images. My heart almost exploded!2021-03-02_0025.jpg

Congratulations Anthony and Sarah, and thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your story! <3

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Vendor Love

Wedding Planner – STA Events

Catering – Michael’s St Augustine

DJ – Beachside Entertainment

Videographer – Noeth Films

Photography – Nikki Golden

Florals – Jade Violet

Cake and Dessert – Sweet Weddings 

Hair- Chris K

Makeup – Mimosas Hair Studio

Photobooth – iPhoto Booth

Paper Goods – Ivory Isle Designs

Venue – Tringali Barn 

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